Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer

Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury in an accident, dealing with the consequences can seem overwhelming. You might be under a doctor’s care or even in the hospital or a rehabilitation center. You may be left unable to work and concerned about whether you will ever return to your job. You and your family are unfairly suffering.

A Jacksonville personal injury lawyer can help you regain your footing after an accident. If another person caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, they are responsible and could be liable to pay for your losses. If the accident caused someone’s death, an attorney could help the deceased person’s family seek damages (money) through a wrongful death action.

Call a dedicated legal professional as soon as possible after your injury or fatal accident involving a loved one. Millicent Daniels at the Daniels Law Firm can explain your legal options and immediately begin building a strong case to prove you are entitled to financial compensation. Let us guide you through this difficult time and fight tirelessly for the justice you and your family deserve. Contact our firm today to get started.


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No amount of money can ever replace a loved one, but if your family member died due to negligence, we’ll fight for you!
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We’ll help you navigate through your car accident to get the compensation that’s owed to you!
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Proving Negligence After an Accident

Everyone has an obligation to act with reasonable care towards others. The extent of this duty of care will depend on the situation. For example, a drug manufacturer’s duty to produce a safe product differs from a homeowner’s responsibility to protect their dinner guests from injury. When someone does not act with care and causes harm to another person, this is known as negligence.

A Jacksonville personal injury attorney could investigate an accident and identify if someone’s negligence contributed to what happened to you. Attorney Daniels could collect evidence proving the negligent person failed to act with reasonable care, and pursue financial compensation on your behalf. In many cases, the responsible parties may negotiate a settlement, meaning the case does not have to go to trial.

If you are partially responsible for the accident, it may not be possible to recover 100 percent of the damages. However, according to Florida Statute §768.81, you may still be able to collect a portion attributable to the other person’s conduct. A Jacksonville attorney could present evidence that shows you are not to blame for your accident, increasing the percentage of the money you could potentially collect.


You and Your Family Matter


Affectionately called, “The People’s Attorney,” Millicent E. Daniels puts her clients first. She goes to the same places as you, watches the same shows, and treats you like family while fighting tenaciously for your rights. With over 19 years of experience in the field after graduating from the University of Florida, College of Law, Attorney Daniels is ready to get to work for you.

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Car Accident

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Apartment Shooting

$1 Million

Semi Accident


Car Accident


Convenience Store Shooting


Car Accident


Slip and Fall


Rideshare Accident


Slip and Fall

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

Damages is a legal term for the losses a person suffers from an injury. In order to seek damages, a person must legally prove their losses. Examples of these damages include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical Therapy and Vocational Rehabilitation costs
  • Home renovations necessary for disabled access
  • Adaptive vehicle
  • Lost income
  • Diminished future earning potential
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Incidental expenses incurred because of an injury

In some cases, you may be able to seek punitive damages. These are available only if you have clear evidence that your injury resulted from another party’s negligent, reckless, or careless actions. A Jacksonville personal injury attorney can help you through this process, because a Motion has to be filed and a Judge has to make a finding that punitive damages are appropriate. Punitive damages are usually three times an individual’s compensatory damages, or $500,000, whichever amount is larger.

Testimonial background

Let me start off by stating that Millicent E. Daniels and her staff, especially Nury Pacheco, was an ABSOLUTE BLESSING to my accident case. I was referred to Attorney Daniels by another trustworthy Attorney that I knew and originally called...


I had an exceptional experience with the Daniels Law Firm. Their thoroughness and effective communication set them apart. Dealing with a complex case, they demonstrated resourcefulness, ensuring everything was meticulously researched. I was consistently informed, felt comfortable, and knew my...


I had the privilege of working with Millicent Daniels Esq. on a personal injury case, and I couldn't be more impressed with her exceptional expertise and professionalism. Millicent's knowledge of personal injury law is truly remarkable. From our initial consultation...


"We first heard about Millicent Daniels through word of mouth. After the initial consultation, they were on the case immediately! We couldn’t believe how quickly they got started with the investigation and calling for the case! We ended up getting...

Omega Miami, Florida

“My wife and I want to extend our sincerest thanks to the law firm of Millicent Daniels. We encourage anyone with legal issues to put their trust in Millicent Daniels. With their professional, skilled staff, they guided us safely through...

Will Delbarton, West Virginia

"Millicent Daniels handled my case in a truly professional and timely manner. A call didn’t come in a moment late and everything they said happened in the exact way they indicated it would. I highly recommend her professional services to...

Alan Bradenton, Florida

"I was extremely pleased with how my daughter's case was handled by Millicent Daniels. The firm kept me informed of any developments regarding my daughter's case as they received them from the courts. Also, the fee was very reasonable."

Daniel Washington, D.C.

"Millicent Daniels came to our aid at a critical time. Through her expertise, our family member’s case was dismissed in a short period of time, greatly reducing our family’s trauma of having a long, drawn-out case with an uncertain outcome....

Anastasia New York, NY
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Work With a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney After Your Accident

If another person’s actions caused your accident and injuries, the law could hold them legally responsible for covering your losses. However, you must demand appropriate damages in order to receive them. Insurance companies for negligent parties rarely make fair settlement offers without deceptive, aggressive negotiation.

A Jacksonville personal injury lawyer knows how to identify responsible parties and could build an evidence-based case against them, putting you in an excellent negotiating position. If the responsible parties do not make a reasonable settlement offer, an attorney could help you take your case to court.

Reach out to Daniels Law Firm today to discover how we can help you.

Millicent Daniels the Peoples Attorney
Millicent Daniels the Peoples Attorney
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