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Apartment complex owners and managers are responsible for keeping their premises reasonably secure for tenants and their guests. If they fail at this task, they may be liable to pay any damages caused by their negligence.

You deserve to feel safe and protected while at your home. If you were harmed at your residence or while visiting an apartment complex because the complex failed to take reasonable precautions, the Daniels Law Firm is the call to make. Millicent Daniels, a skilled Jacksonville apartment complex injury lawyer, will fight tirelessly to hold the negligent property owners accountable for your losses. She will ensure that the complex’s insurance company does not take advantage of you and that you are paid what you deserve for your suffering. Contact our firm today to discuss your case with a diligent premises liability attorney.

Obligations of a Complex Owner or Manager in Jacksonville

Property owners have specific obligations under the law. For example, they must keep the common areas of an apartment complex free of hazards. Additionally, they must conduct regular inspections to find dangerous conditions that may otherwise go unnoticed. They must warn tenants and visitors of anything they find that might cause an injury.

Owners must also repair dangerous conditions as soon as possible. If an immediate repair is not feasible, they must post warnings, rope off the area, or take reasonable steps to protect tenants from the danger.

If you sustained an injury in a common area of an apartment complex, the property owner/complex manager could be liable if they did not use reasonable care to prevent harm. They could also be responsible for an injury you suffered in your apartment if the cause was a faulty system or structure in the building. Attorney Daniels could review the facts of your specific case and help determine whether the landlord is likely liable for your losses.

When Might a Landlord be Liable?

As explained above, landlords must adequately maintain their premises and provide safe conditions for their tenants and guests. If you were severely injured because of a condition the landlord should have fixed, the landlord could owe you damages.

Various situations could lead to landlord liability. Some common examples include:

  • Shootings, sexual assaults or other physical attacks
  • Diseases and conditions resulting from contaminated water
  • Illnesses caused by rodent or insect infestation
  • Injuries suffered in a building fire
  • Heat exhaustion and heat stroke if the air conditioning does not work
  • Injuries resulting from elevator accidents
  • Slips, trips, and falls if the halls, stairwells, outdoor walkways, and parking lots are not kept free of debris
  • Injuries from a roof or ceiling collapse
  • Injuries from falling tree branches
  • Drownings, near-drownings, and other swimming pool accidents

Landlords Must Provide Adequate Security

Some tenants do not realize that the landlord must provide adequate security, given the crime rate in the neighborhood. If you have been the victim of a violent crime while at an apartment complex, such as a rape, shooting, or stabbing, you could sue the landlord or property manager for negligent security. Attorney Daniels could help demonstrate that the security measures in place at the Jacksonville apartment complex were ineffective in deterring criminal activity and contributed to your injury.

It is impossible to eliminate crime, and the law does not expect a landlord to do so. However, the law requires the landlord to take appropriate and reasonable measures to protect you, other tenants and your guests from criminal activity in the neighborhood.

In a relatively safe neighborhood, reasonable measures might be an effective system preventing unauthorized entry to the building and good lighting in the common areas. In a high-crime area, a landlord might need to provide 24/7 video monitoring, fencing, and on-site security guards to deter crime.

Work With a Jacksonville Apartment Complex Injury Attorney from Our Firm

It is the responsibility of the complex owners and managers to keep you reasonably safe from harm. Therefore, if something happened that caused you to get hurt while you were at your apartment complex, you may be eligible to recover compensation from your landlord or property manager.

It is vital to contact our Jacksonville apartment complex injury lawyer as quickly as possible after the incident that harmed you. We understand that it may seem intimidating to pursue legal action against a large company, but Attorney Daniels is here to protect your interests and guide you every step of the way. With her help, you could collect damages from your landlord that compensate you for your related losses and injuries. Call our firm today to get started.

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