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Buses offer Jacksonville residents an easy and relatively affordable way to commute. You can just sit back in your seat, relax, read a book or use your phone. You do not have to worry about traffic conditions or finding parking at your destination. Buses also provide an easy way for children to get to and from school safely. However, just like any other motor vehicle on the roads, buses can also get into devastating accidents.

If a bus crash injured you or your family member, you might be able to hold the negligent party legally responsible for your losses. However, pursuing legal action over a bus accident can be extremely difficult to do alone, as there may be more than one party liable for your crash. Because of this, you should entrust your case to Millicent Daniels, a knowledgeable Jacksonville bus accident lawyer. She can help you hold every person or company that played a role in your suffering responsible for what they have done. Reach out to the Daniels Law Firm today to learn more about how our personal injury attorney can help you.

Possible Injuries in Bus Crashes

Whether you are a nearby driver, a passenger, or even a pedestrian crossing the street, bus accidents can cause severe injuries to anyone in their path.

Passengers on a Bus

If you are a passenger on a crashing bus, you can be thrown from your seat or jostled about if the bus makes a sharp turn or sudden stop. You may suffer broken or sprained bones or joints, cuts, head injuries, or back and neck injuries. You can also sustain injuries when you board or get off a bus.

People in Other Vehicles, on Bikes, or on Foot

Because buses can be as large as commercial trucks, they can cause significant damage to both property and people. Buses can crush smaller passenger vehicles, which can cause severe harm to you and your passengers. You can also suffer life-altering injuries if you are crossing the street, riding a bicycle, or on a motorbike and a bus driver fails to see you. Sadly, some victims die from their injuries. If your family has lost a loved one in a bus crash, Attorney Daniels is here to help you seek justice on your loved one’s behalf in a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you are the injured party following a Jacksonville bus accident, an experienced attorney at the Daniels Law Firm can help you carefully evaluate your damages and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Potentially Liable Parties in a Jacksonville Bus Crash Case

Determining who is potentially liable in a bus crash can be complicated, which is why enlisting the help of a seasoned Jacksonville attorney at the Daniels Law Firm is so important.

Our knowledgeable legal team can conduct a detailed investigation of the wreck to determine how it happened and who is to blame. Most bus accidents occur because a driver makes a reckless or negligent driving error. Other collisions happen when a third-party motorist makes a mistake. Defective automotive parts or faulty repairs can also lead to crashes, as can poor weather and damaged roadways.

If a bus driver caused your crash, their employer might also be legally responsible for your injuries. For instance, if the bus company hired a driver with a bad safety or driving record, the bus company could be at fault. Sometimes, drivers operate on a contract basis, and companies lease buses. The owners of the bus might also be liable. If a defective bus part caused the crash, a negligent manufacturer or service company might also have played a role in the crash.

As you can see, there are so many pieces in this puzzle—but Millicent Daniels knows what to do. She has extensive experience helping bus accident victims hold all negligent parties accountable for their recklessness, and wants to help you, too.

Learn More from a Jacksonville Bus Accident Attorney Now

Bus crashes are highly complicated because more than one person may be responsible for your injuries. Even if the bus driver caused the crash, it could be hard to determine all the parties who could also be held responsible.

It is critical to speak soon with the Jacksonville bus accident lawyer at our firm who can help you sort through the complex causation and liability issues. Attorney Daniels will fight hard to help you. Call us today.  

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