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When you visit a property such as a nightclub, apartment, or convenience store in Florida, you should expect business owners to take specific safety measures. Property owners must protect their customers and ensure they are not injured while on-premises by taking reasonable measures for their protection. For example, some of these measures include providing security cameras to help identify suspicious activity before it is too late.

If you were harmed while visiting a nightclub, apartment, convenience store, or a business, and it did not have such measures in place, the person that hurt you might not be the only one responsible for your injuries. Apartment and business owners must keep their premises safe for residents, visitors and guests. If an owner’s negligence contributed to the crime, the apartment or business owner might be liable to pay your damages.

Millicent Daniels, a Jacksonville negligent security lawyer, is here to help. The Daniels Law Firm will review your potential case and determine whether an apartment or business owner might be responsible for your harm. If so, you could receive compensation for damage to your property, medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Contact our firm today to discuss your unique circumstances with an experienced, compassionate attorney. We will not let insurance companies take advantage of you. Allow us to fight on your behalf to seek the compensation that you deserve for the grief and harm you were unfairly caused.

Situations That Could Merit a Negligent Security Claim

Ensuring reasonable safety might mean different things in various circumstances. It could include the duty to run background checks on employees, install adequate lighting, provide sturdy door locks, maintain video surveillance, hire security guards, and other similar measures.

Whether the crime is committed by someone known to the apartment or business owner does not matter. However, it must be reasonable to anticipate that the crime could occur in the place where it happened. Situations that could implicate an apartment or business property owner include:

  • Rape in a hotel guest room
  • Battery in a shopping center parking lot
  • Sexual Assault in a gym locker room
  • Injuries from an Arson in an apartment complex
  • Shooting Injury or Death at a nightclub or convenience store
  • Injuries of Children at daycares or amusement parks
  • Drowning in a retention pond or pool

In Florida, you have a reasonable expectation of remaining safe when visiting public places. If you were harmed while at a nightclub, apartment, convenience store, or other business, a Jacksonville negligent security attorney could help. Millicent Daniels is here for you and will do everything in her power to get the compensation you deserve.

Process for Seeking Compensation

A claim for negligent security does not require proof of who committed the crime or that the wrongdoer is arrested or even convicted. All that you must prove is that you were legally on the property and suffered physical harm from a criminal or improper act.

Attorney Daniels could collect evidence showing that adequate security measures might have prevented the negligent security incident in Jacksonville. She would then contact the apartment or business owner with a demand to pay compensation for the losses you have suffered due to inadequate security and protections.

In most cases, the property owner’s insurance company will try to engage  in negotiations with us. It is common for both parties to reach a settlement that offers fair compensation for your losses outside of court. However, some insurers refuse to negotiate in good faith, forcing you to take this dispute to court.

Discuss Your Case with a Jacksonville Negligent Security Attorney

If you suffered injuries in a crime or attempted crime while at a nightclub, apartment, convenience store or other business, you might have a claim for negligent security against the landowner also. If so, they could be held responsible to pay for your damages. If you are in this situation, it may be difficult to know what steps you should take next. Pursuing legal action can be extremely difficult to do alone, so let us help you.

At Daniels Law Firm, we understand that a negligent security incident can be traumatic, and we will do everything in our power to help you find the justice you deserve. A Jacksonville negligent security lawyer could guide you through this process and help you achieve a favorable outcome. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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