Jacksonville Paralysis Injury Lawyer 

Sustaining any personal injury can be devastating for victims and their families. However, paralysis injuries are especially severe and can lead to lifelong complications. When someone is paralyzed, they may be unable to work, require assistance with everyday tasks, and need expensive medical care.

When you have been paralyzed due to another person or entity’s negligence, trust your claim with a catastrophic injury attorney from our firm. Millicent Daniels, a seasoned Jacksonville paralysis injury lawyer, understands how debilitating paralysis injuries are and wants to help you pursue money for the harm you suffered. Our team at The Daniels Law Firm can work with you to determine the parties responsible for your injuries and get you the compensation you deserve.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

A paralysis injury is considered any injury that leaves a victim paralyzed, either temporarily or permanently. Typically, paralysis occurs after a severe injury to the spinal cord, which connects the nervous system to the brain. Paralysis can be total or partial; the severity will vary based on how the injury occurred. For example, some victims will experience total movement and nerve function loss, while others will only have partial or temporary paralysis and can recover mobility with treatment.

There are four categories of paralysis that victims of catastrophic accidents suffer. Monoplegia is considered the paralysis of an isolated area of the body, like a single limb. Individuals with monoplegia have control over the rest of their bodies but cannot feel in the affected area. Hemiplegia is paralysis that is limited to one side of the body. Paraplegia is when a person loses mobility below the waist. Some people with paraplegia cannot walk, and others have limited mobility. The most serious type of paralysis is quadriplegia, which is paralysis of all body parts below the neck. People who suffer from quadriplegia often require lifelong medical care.

A person can become paralyzed after any serious accident. This includes:

Treatment for paralysis injuries can be expensive as you may need medical care, physical therapy, medication, and often wheelchairs or other medical equipment. We understand that many injured parties are not prepared to cover the costs of these treatments. Fortunately, our Jacksonville paralysis injury attorney can assist you with filing a claim for compensation.

Recovering from a Paralysis Injury

When you or someone you love has experienced a paralysis injury, there are important steps you should take on the road to recovery. First, it is crucial to seek medical care as soon as possible. Rapid treatment can help prevent more serious injury and support a claim for damages. Once you or your loved one is stable, consider contacting our knowledgeable paralysis injury attorney to discuss filing a lawsuit in Jacksonville. In Florida, you generally have two years to file a personal injury claim for injuries caused by negligence.

The costs of past and future medical treatment and lost income or earning potential can serve as the basis for a lawsuit. Millicent Daniels, a Jacksonville paralysis injury attorney, can help determine the parties who bear responsibility, file a lawsuit on your behalf, and work with insurance providers for a fair settlement.

Trust Your Claim With a Jacksonville Paralysis Injury Attorney

At The Daniels Law Firm, we understand the severity of a paralysis injury and the financial burden many victims face. When you or someone you love was paralyzed in a serious accident in Jacksonville, consider contacting our team to evaluate your legal rights and options for recovery. We will not stop fighting until you are fairly compensated for your losses. Let our Jacksonville paralysis injury lawyer take the lead in your case and help you recover the compensation you are owed.

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