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Sometimes, a defendant placed on probation or community control may violate the terms of their supervision. The most common violation is failing to report to the Probation Officer as directed. Other violations include not paying restitution, testing positive for drugs, and committing additional crimes while on supervision, etc. If you face charges for a violation of your probation or community control order, a Jacksonville probation/community control violation lawyer as soon as possible. Millicent Daniels, a seasoned criminal defense attorney, will fight for your rights and ensure that your voice is heard. She will diligently assist you with:

  • Violations of Probation/Community Control
  • Motions to Modify Probation/ Community Control
  • Motions for Early Termination

A violation of probation or community control does not automatically result in a defendant being sent to prison. In many cases, the State must file an Affidavit detailing how the supervision was violated and a warrant may be issued. After a warrant is served, the State must then prove that the person violated the supervision. “Rule to Show Cause,” or request that the court order a hearing to determine whether the defendant has violated their sentence conditions and warrant sending them back to jail.

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