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Expungements and Sealings are often in a person’s best interest, as a criminal record can limit access to better jobs, housing opportunities, and educational opportunities. The process for getting an expungement or sealing requires the person to file a petition with the local court. After that happens, the judge will review it and could issue an order expunging or sealing records. If you would like to have a criminal charge sealed or expunged from your record, or have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact Daniels Law Firm. Our dedicated criminal defense attorney, Millicent Daniels, will stand by your side through it all. Call today to discuss your situation with a Jacksonville expungement lawyer.

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There are many benefits to having a criminal record expunged or sealed. Even though if they are still accessible by some entities such as potential employers, landlords, and schools; they automatically lose their credibility and can be disregarded easily. Expungements and sealings help people get rid of criminal records without the fear of facing difficulties when trying to find employment in the future.

Without an expunged or sealed record, you may face many difficulties when finding employment, housing or other opportunities. Daniels Law Firm handles all cases pertaining to these types of legal procedures, so contact us today to speak with a seasoned Jacksonville expungement lawyer.

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