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After an arrest, an individual is typically held in custody until they are brought before a judge for arraignment. A video of the suspect’s rights will be played to ensure that these rights are understood by them and their attorney. This is sometimes called “reading the rights” or the “Miranda Rights.”

At the arraignment, a judge will set a bond for an individual. This assures that an individual will not miss future court dates and ensures that they have representation during the proceedings. The bond offering is typically based on the risk of flight from justice, danger to those around them, and their chance of re-offending. A bond can be offered as a surety bond, cash bond, property bond, commercial bond, or some other means.

Once an individual is arraigned and their initial appearance is complete, they may make several court appearances and motions before they actually go to trial (trial de novo). When making these trips to court, whether for bail hearings or other matters, they are not required to return for future court dates if their case is resolved.

Once their trial de novo (trial) has begun the process becomes much more involved and time-consuming. Many defendants make motions to their attorneys during this time with an eye towards resolving the matter as quickly as possible. Several of these motions can be held during one time and date, depending on availability.

If you have questions about this process, do not hesitate to reach out a Jacksonville bond review and hearing lawyer at Daniels Law Firm. Millicent Daniels, our criminal defense attorney, will gladly answer any questions and guide you through the ensuing legal process of your case.

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