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The children we take care of are precious. They’re our future, and it’s imperative that no one accidentally hurts them while at work or school – but too often businesses think they can get away with negligence by putting on their “duty-of-care” disclaimer in small print somewhere where customers cannot see it.

Our skilled attorneys are dedicated to keeping our children safe by holding daycares, summer camps, and other businesses responsible for any injuries they inflict because of negligence. Our firm has successfully pursued damages on behalf of many children injured at these facilities because we take a personal approach with every client; working hard from beginning until end, even after they are compensated financially. Call today to discuss your unique circumstances with a Jacksonville child injury lawyer.


What Might Constitute a Child Injury Charge?

Daycares are supposed to offer a safe place for kids to be while their parents are out, but unfortunately, too many businesses choose to take shortcuts when it comes to maintaining safety standards. The result can be anything from bumps and bruises that easily heal with the appropriate care to serious injuries that change a child’s life forever.

This is where a Jacksonville child injury attorney can help. Injuries caused by negligence can be costly, but a seasoned attorney could help a family pursue fair compensation for their child’s avoidable harm. No parent should have to see their baby get hurt because of something that could have been prevented with the right safety standards in place.

Contact a Jacksonville Child Injury Attorney Today

If your child has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to contact our firm. Allow us to fight tirelessly on your behalf to secure fair financial compensation for any harm caused.

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