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Every city across America has areas in which crime rates are heightened. Unfortunately, you have a one in 14 chance of making the news as a crime victim in the Arlington area of Jacksonville. Guns play a significant role in many of these reported crimes, and shooting injuries can leave you with mountains of medical bills, large rehabilitation and therapy expenses, and emotional trauma, just to name a few.

When someone else is responsible for your shooting injuries in Arlington, Attorney Millicent Daniels is the one who will stand up for you and your family and protect your rights. She will fight hard to ensure that whatever business, owner, property management company, security company, etc., did this to you is held legally accountable. Attorney Daniels understands that every situation is unique and requires a personalized approach, so she takes the time to listen to you and your experience.

At the Daniels Law Firm, we provide every client with the respect and attention they deserve. When you are in need of aggressive and compassionate legal representation, our personal injury attorney is here for you.

Civil Penalties After Shootings in Florida

Arlington is a popular area in Jacksonville because of how close it is to several top attractions. However, this area does not rank so favorably when it comes to violent crime. According to AreaVibes, a data collection company that analyzes FBI and local law enforcement algorithms, violent crimes in the Arlington area of Jacksonville are 256 percent higher than the national average, and 92 percent of Florida cities are safer than the Arlington area.

Along with criminal penalties, shooters can be found liable for the damage they cause to others. When someone sustains shooting injuries in Arlington, the shooter also could be liable for economic and non-economic damages if their reckless or intentional conduct caused the injuries. If someone is fatally shot, their family members could sue for wrongful death. Attorney Daniels takes shooting injuries in Arlington extremely seriously and will tirelessly pursue the maximum amount of money for you.

Wrongful Death Claims

Family members could file a wrongful death lawsuit if their loved one dies from their shooting injury in Arlington. Attorney Daniels is here to help determine if a wrongful death suit is appropriate.

Compensation is available for your loved one’s final expenses, including medical, funeral, and burial. Family members could also recover damages for their emotional loss and financial losses if the deceased provided the main source of income for their household.

Compensation After a Shooting

Compensation for shooting injuries in Arlington may include:

  • Medical and rehabilitative costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain, suffering, and disfigurement
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life

After Shooting Injuries in Arlington, Call the Daniels Law Firm

If you live or work in the Arlington area in Jacksonville, you are likely aware that the JSO and FBI have it on their radar as a high-crime area. Hopefully, that will change, but for now, it is important to stay vigilant.

When a shooter has injured you or a loved one, do not hesitate to call the Daniels Law Firm. Millicent Daniels is here to assist you with the process of holding responsible parties liable for your injuries or the death of your loved one. She will assess your case and determine the most effective way to get you compensated for your losses. Call today to discuss your shooting injury in Arlington.

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