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Is Your Child Owed Money

Is Your Child Owed Money? What are the Rights of Children if Their Parent is Killed at a Business

If the parent of a minor child or an adult child is killed due to another’s negligence, they have the option of suing for their loss. If the child is a minor, the claim would have to be filed on their behalf by either the executor of the deceased parent’s...
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Hit by a Commercial Vehicle- Not Your Average Case

A lot of businesses use a commercial vehicle for making local deliveries, for advertisement purposes, transporting staff, or one of many other reasons. Typically, if you are involved in an accident, the driver is responsible. However, if the driver of the other vehicle is performing a duty for their company...
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Apartment Shootings – Rights of Residents and Guests

A shooting can happen anywhere in today’s world. These vicious occurrences can happen at the shopping mall, bar, gas stations, campuses, or any other public or private property. Florida is third in the United States for having a large number of mass shootings, but often a shooting involves one or...
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