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Is Your Child Owed Money? What are the Rights of Children if Their Parent is Killed at a Business

If the parent of a minor child or an adult child is killed due to another’s negligence, they have the option of suing for their loss. If the child is a minor, the claim would have to be filed on their behalf by either the executor of the deceased parent’s...
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Who is Liable After a Recreational Boating Accident

As the summer months get closer, the waterways are going to start getting busier.  Lakes and  rivers will become crowded with recreational boaters, as summer quickly approaches in Florida. Lots of people will head to the waterways to have fun in the sun and cool off. With these crowded waterways,...
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What are your Rights in a Wrongful Death Drowning Case?

Those held responsible for wrongful death are sued by the victims or their families. Those who can be involved include property owners and supervisors. Negligence and wrongful death are typical examples of common legal claims. Plaintiffs affected in a drowning accident may receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills,...
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