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What Should You Do If Your Child is Injured at Daycare

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Going to work every day and entrusting someone else to care for your child or children is one of the hardest acts for any parent. Trusting these people will take as good of care of your child as you would is not an easy task. If your child suffers an injury while at a daycare, it is a traumatic and troubling event.

When you learn your child has been injured at a daycare, you are suddenly forced to deal with decisions and a lot of stress. As a parent, it is your right to seek legal action against the daycare facility for those injuries. Talk to the experts at Daniels Law Firm regarding your rights.

An injury sustained at a daycare facility will leave you with a lot of questions including:

  • How did the injury happen?
  • Was there negligence involved?
  • Could the daycare staff have prevented this injury from happening?
  • Do I take my child out of this facility?
  • Will they be safe to stay at this daycare?
  • How do I hold the facility accountable for the injury?

As a parent, you have the right to know what your rights are concerning your child’s injuries that occurred at a daycare facility. The attorneys at Daniels Law Firm will help you understand these rights and help you find answers to all your questions.

The Rights of Parents Whose Child Has Been Injured at Daycare

In some situations regarding an injured child at a daycare facility, the parents have the right to sue the facility. Typically when a parent signs their child up to attend daycare, the facility has you sign a “no liability clause” in their contract.

Many facilities will execute these contracts if an injury occurs to convince parents they are not able to sue the daycare. However, these waivers do not prevent you from suing the facility because you have the right to file a claim if your child has been injured while in their care.

Steps to Follow if Your Child is Injured at Daycare

The court system will allow you to sue a daycare facility on the behalf of your child.  If monetary compensation would be awarded, you would have to keep it in a special bank account or somewhere safe until your child reaches the age of 18. Some of the money can be used for any care or treatment needed for the injury they sustained.

These are steps to follow if your child has been injured at a daycare facility:

1. Documentation: Many children at a daycare facility are too young to fully communicate their injuries. As a parent, you need to recognize when your child has sustained an injury, and take detailed notes about their condition. A police report should be filed if it applies as it can be an objective record of the incident.

2. Seek Medical Care for Your Child: You need to seek medical care for your child as soon as possible once you’ve determined they’ve been injured at the daycare. This care will mitigate your child’s injuries. Keep all the medical bills associated with this medical treatment, and other costs you’ve had to cover due to the incident.

3. Obtain an Incident Report from the Daycare.

4. Report the injury to the Department of Family Protective Services so the State can conduct an investigation.

5. Talk to an Experienced Daycare Injury Attorney

At the Daniels Law Firm, we are dedicated to keeping your child safe. We have a proven track record at holding summer camps, amusement parks, daycares, and other businesses responsible for injuries to a child. We have had significant success in pursuing damages on behalf of children at these facilities. Call us today if your child has been injured at a daycare facility. We are here to ensure you and your child receive the compensation you deserve.

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