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Testimonial 05

“We first heard about Millicent Daniels through word of mouth. After the initial consultation, they were on the case immediately! We couldn’t believe how quickly they got started with the investigation and calling for the case! We ended up getting some amazing results!!! They are going to 100% devote themselves...
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Testimonial 04

“My wife and I want to extend our sincerest thanks to the law firm of Millicent Daniels. We encourage anyone with legal issues to put their trust in Millicent Daniels. With their professional, skilled staff, they guided us safely through tough times and achieved the results we sought out. We...
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Testimonial 03

“Millicent Daniels handled my case in a truly professional and timely manner. A call didn’t come in a moment late and everything they said happened in the exact way they indicated it would. I highly recommend her professional services to anyone who enjoys being treated like a person and not...
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Testimonial 02

“I was extremely pleased with how my daughter’s case was handled by Millicent Daniels. The firm kept me informed of any developments regarding my daughter’s case as they received them from the courts. Also, the fee was very reasonable.”
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Testimonial 01

“Millicent Daniels came to our aid at a critical time. Through her expertise, our family member’s case was dismissed in a short period of time, greatly reducing our family’s trauma of having a long, drawn-out case with an uncertain outcome. We highly recommend the legal services of Millicent Daniels, the...
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