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Let me start off by stating that Millicent E. Daniels and her staff, especially Nury Pacheco, was an ABSOLUTE BLESSING to my accident case. I was referred to Attorney Daniels by another trustworthy Attorney that I knew and originally called for advice and guidance shortly after my accident. The attorney I originally knew assured me that Attorney Daniels and her firm would be the best option to handle my case. Once I made the phone call and had my first initial consultation , i could tell that I was going to be in “GOOD HANDS”.

Millicient Daniels and her team worked diligently behind the scenes to assure me that my Physical Health and rehabilitation and Mental Health, if any, was the most important thing to them. They made sure that all my rehabilitation needs were being met and assured me that I would be properly compensated for my injuries through proper legal representations and guidelines. They never mislead me about the amount of money I could get but that they would do everything, to get me the full amount of what was within the legal ramifications of my case. Nury Pacheco would always email or text me when there was any useful or important information about my case. The communication and professionalism was at the highest level and that stood out to me. I wasn’t use to or had heard of a firm being as informative and communicated as much as Daniel’s Law Firm communicated with me.

My physical therapy was a success and we eventually settled for more than I was expecting. I AM SO BLESSED that I was referred to Millicent and her Law Firm. It felt like I was a part of their Family and Team. It was bitter sweet after my case was over because in enjoyed the LOVE and CARE they showed me. Nury Pacheco was the person of contact and delivered information that was pertaining to my case and she is a ANGEL in Disguise.

I would recommend anyone who’s looking for a MAGNIFICENT and STRONG ATTORNEY to handle their case. They’re HONEST, CARING, SUPPORTIVE and TRUSTWORTHY and have the highest level of PROFESSIONALISM required to handle your case.

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